Round Cylinder

Guide Cylinder

Centering (Floating) Unit

Silde Cylinder

Double-rod Cylinder

Compact Cylinder (triangle shape)

Clean Room Equipment

Actuator Ram Cylinder

Plate Cylinder



Booster Cylinder

Compact Cylinder (AL Tube)

Low Speed Cylinder

Stopper Cylinder

Compact Cylinder with SU S Tube

Middle-sized Cylinder with Tie-rod Uncovered

Middle sized Cylinder with

Tie -rod covered

Large-sized Cylinder

High-precision Table Cylinder

Shock Absorber

Guide Compact Cylinder

Mini (pin) Cylinder

Rotary Cylinder

   Panel-mounting  Mini (pin) Cylinder


Clamp Cylinder

Compact Cylinder (square shape)

Swing Clamp Cylinder

Clamp Cylinder with Lock

Air Chuck

Direct-mounting Cylinder



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Rodless Cylinder

Air Blow Unit

Air-hydro Cylinder